Dozens of people were injured in a fire in an apartment building in Leipzig. One person died from their injuries.

One person died in a fire in an apartment building in Leipzig on Thursday.

Several other residents were injured. As the fire department announced on Platform X, a total of 54 people were injured. The fire victim died in the house despite immediate medical measures, the police said. The other injured people were taken to hospitals.

The police were initially unable to provide any further information about the fire in the Zentrum-Südost district due to the ongoing operation. The cause of the fire is still unclear. The criminal police inspectorate has started the investigation and a fire investigator is being called in.

Seven-year-old Emily has cancer. So that her last weeks can be as nice as possible, her uncle from Elsdorf (Rhein-Erft district) has started a fundraising campaign.

A serious accident occurred at Berlin Central Station on Wednesday afternoon. According to police, a woman and a child were hit by an ICE train. The woman died at the scene of the accident and the child was taken to hospital by rescue helicopter.