Primarily, the particular police received services both by phone and by E-Mail information from Whistleblowers alleged to have tourists staying here in the Region is unwarranted. In addition, the officers were also citizens point out to children playing on playgrounds, or Meeting of young people in larger groups.

During the operations, the relevant addresses were visited, mainly second homes in tourist regions, with the residents spoken with regard to the applicable national regulation to the departure requested. The children and young people were visited at the respective public places by the police officials, on compliance with the contact the restriction referred to, and you of course referred to.

In four cases, was prosecuted for the violation of the protection against infection act. The officials of the police were looking for grounds Barth after a civil note, a Berlin couple in their second residence in Barth. In the Review, it turned out that the 27-year-old and the 31-year-old German stayed without permission in MV.

In a second case, the Barther police searched a parked mobile home in Zingst. The four encountered men between the ages of 21 and 30 years, coming from Baden-Württemberg, could also produce a residence permit. They were also asked for the immediate departure which they were also.

In the framework of the control for the control regulation, on the island of Rügen, met the officials in the police grounds Sassnitz in Lancken (Dranske) to a couple from Saxony. The 53-year-old German, and her 56-year-old German husband was already since a few days, for the purpose of tourism in MV. While the facts of the case examination were both extremely unapologetic, and uncooperative. You the legal situation has been clarified, a court reprimand and for the prompt departure is requested.

in addition to the control measures for the use of officers resulted as the speakers say in the tourist regions. Sometimes the officials distributed addresses flyers, the second living, where no one has personally encountered could be whistleblowers suspected, however, an unauthorized stay of tourists.

The police inspection Stralsund appealed to the citizens to comply with the provisions on the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus. The police officials are trying to examine each individual case with “heart and mind”, but to intervene in case of violations, consistently, and punish.

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