the officials controlled in the area of the police station, Stralsund (in the district of Vorpommern-Rügen) since Saturday, the 28.03.2020, a total of approximately 190 vehicles, and 460 persons. At the controls up until this morning (31.03.2020, 06:00 PM) were detected in a total of eight vehicles whose occupants were not entitled, in the MV stop. Overall, have been asked since Saturday 22 people, immediately from MV to leave.

In addition, the officials went to point again on their Citizens to foreign license plate in front of Secondary residences/apartments, game to children on playgrounds or youth/adolescents, who meet in groups. Overall, the officers spoke to approximately 200 square references and carried out in tourist regions, particularly on the island of Rügen and in the area of Fischland-darss-Zingst, around 90 speakers.

Monday afternoon, officials of the police were grounds Barth, for example, a citizens note that in a doctor’s practice from the Region of the minimum distance in the patients in the waiting room is not met. With the doctor’s office is a part of the genre has led to the call, and the necessary Changes indicated, so that the distance between the the patient can in the future be safeguarded.

About two hours later, the police station, Barth received the note that there are several cars in front of a house in Barth, whose license plates come from other provinces. Two of the six controlled persons were in the sense of the country of regulation, not legal here. You have been asked to return.

Also, references to supposedly open cafes, Bars or Restaurants to go almost daily in the police departments. As a note the origin of the suspected yesterday evening at 22:45, that have the one Bar open in Baabe (Rügen island), although this is currently prohibited. The Review of the Sassnitz police officials revealed, however, that the presumption as mistake turned out. The Bar was indirectly lit, but not open yet, people were in the Bar.

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