they called on several citizens, posing as a bailiff. The Caller stated that they had locked their accounts or they would lock. In the further course, the citizens were asked to disclose personal information, or to make an immediate payment to prevent an account lockout. In the case of the immediately demanded payment of the alleged bailiff stated that the Forum had completed a long time ago for a subscription and the cost at several thousand euros, would amount to. In order to prevent the impending closure of the account, whether an emergency partial payment will be required. The Called party did not react to the Tricks of swindlers, and finished the phone calls. The osnabrück police warns explicitly against this Scam. Simply hang up the handset! Give out on private data (e.g. Bank account or credit card information) and report it to the police, phone 0541/327-2115 or 327-2215.

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