In all cases, the cars were opened to new, previously unknown way, and damage-free. The previous cars were in the area of Dunant road, Tirol road, Prelate-Schütz-Straße and cake in mountain road and parked. In the area of Ottweiler, Maria-Juchacz-Ring and Remmesweilerweg, it came also to passenger departures. Still two cars in the area were addressed in nine churches, blew up the street and in the District of Wellesweiler Mühlackerweg,. To the respective car could search in spite of an intense track by the crime scene unit in all cases no departure tracks to be found. Like the car damage to have been freely opened, is not yet known. In the case of the stolen goods are mainly for cash. The police investigation is ongoing. In the case of Notices to the deed, please contact the police inspection Neunkirchen, Tel. 06821/2030.

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