Police officer arrested in new York on charges of use of a strangles during the arrest. This was announced on Thursday, the newspaper The New York Times, citing the statement of the police Department of the city.

According to the data, a police officer named David Afanador was arrested the morning after the Internet appeared the video, the footage which shows how he applies an illegal choke during the arrest in the new York borough of Queens. The incident occurred on Sunday while trying to detain the man, who received a complaint of disturbing public order. The man during the arrest, lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. Afanador charged with strangulation and attempted strangulation, he is temporarily suspended from his job in law enforcement.

The newspaper emphasizes that the use of police suffocating receptions were prohibited in the territory of the state of new York in 1993. Amid protests that erupted in the US after the death in Minneapolis (Minnesota), African-American George Floyd, Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo has introduced criminal liability for the use of such techniques by law enforcement officers.

Mass protests and riots erupted in many parts of the United States after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd. Police used during his arrest on 25 may choke. All four participated in the operation, police fired charged. To restore order to the local law enforcement agencies joined the national guard of the United States. About 40 cities, including Washington and new York, impose a curfew.