some participants did not consider the minimum distance to the “generally available to contain the Coronavirus” of at least one and a half meters.

at about 08:00 and gathered about 20 people in front of the property on Linden street, to a rally for the closure of hold. In the course of the Demonstration up to 300 people were at times in front of the building. All the participants behaved in a peaceful manner. Several did not meet the minimum distance for protection against infection with the Coronavirus, however. The police pointed out by loudspeaker announcement and called on the people, the necessary distance to be observed. The violations of the infection protection act and documented the forces and initiated an investigation. At about 11:15 p.m. the Demonstration was dispersed.

The police will continue to check systematically the compliance with these important restrictions. Please keep to the measures referred to by the General. Protect your health and the health of the people in your environment.

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