Police in the Netherlands arrested six people on suspicion of kidnapping and assault after their transport containers were discovered of the torture chamber. It is reported by Sputnik News.

the Operation took place on the Dutch-Belgian border, on 22 June, when militiamen broke into the conversation of criminals, in which they discussed a plan to take hostages of their own accomplices.

posted online photo shows the dental chair, instruments in particular scalpels and pliers, handcuffs. It is noted that the premises were equipped with sound insulation. According to police, torture equipment was discovered before used them.

Another den of malefactors guards opened in Rotterdam. There were found 25 weapons, gear, police uniforms and about 24 kilograms of ecstasy.

According to authorities, the six criminals accused of planning kidnappings, hostage-taking, extortion and participation in a criminal organization, two of them also charged for possession of weapons.

Earlier, the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has instructed to deal with red tape in the police, who tortured with a Taser mother Marina Ruseva, but escaped punishment.