Training in the forest city Ulmen, where is the only one in the whole of Germany school for military dogs.

“On command Donnie runs out into the hall. Three years the Belgian shepherd dog sniffs everything that comes under her nose. Finally, she pushes it into the gap with a sample of the smell and stops. As a reward, the dog gets the ball for the game” – describes the lesson, the newspaper Die Welt.

the German breeders themselves marveled at the success of Donnie and her counterparts: the frequency of the “hit” is already 80 percent. Few weeks, the Bundeswehr will present the scientific results of the experiment carried out in parallel in the United States, France, great Britain and Finland. Scientists from the University of Helsinki was the first to suggest that biological materials taken from patients with coronavirus have the smell with a special molecular structure, which dogs are able to distinguish.

it’s No secret that four-legged diagnosticians successfully detect certain types of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and malaria. However, in the latter case, the method works only if the survey 7 out of 10 patients.

As noted by Deutsche Welle, more recently, German virologists tried to dissuade the canine from experiments with COVID-19. Now dogs are trained to tubes in which the virus is “chemically harmless.” But if it comes to dealing with aggressive infectious agents, it can be unsafe for both the animals and their mentors.

in addition, the Bundeswehr did not really know how to apply the skills in practice. While it is hard to believe that dog noses will be able to replace mass testing. And indeed in Germany too few dogs used for medical purposes. As a rule, they do not hold with clinics: specially trained Pets live a normal life with their owners, and only from time to time visit patients. In addition, not all agree on such an unusual diagnosis.

“Hospitals and insurance companies still treat her with distrust, although often it is possible to buy time and save lives,” says DW.

But the founder of the German center for dogs Bow barrette’m sure this practice has a great future. And not far off the day when tailed orderlies stand guard against the coronavirus and will instead thermocamera to check visitors of football stadiums and airport passengers to examine the cabin and the chamber of nursing homes.