Catherine Spitz posted on instagram the post, where he attacked the followers, allowing himself familiarly to her appeal.

She firmly explained that she’s an adult, not a “girl next door”, and appeal to her “you” and other familiarities are not satisfied with it.

“to you if we are strangers in person, I always “you”. Close contact may never occur, and mutual respect always should be. …remember that the “you” to a stranger is the norm, established the basic rules of behaviour. But … in our country, in my experience, the vast majority of people with the hasty transition to “you” immediately begin to afford in dealing much more than would be appropriate…”, she wrote in microblogging.

Spitz noted that is not chasing the number of subscribers, and wants to group in your account a nice, educated and interesting to her and each other people.

“I tend to collect like-minded people here, the circle of kind and thoughtful people, I need your. Poking rude teenagers or overgrown lad with the words “I Want to marry you” go to the banks directly. Your motive to be here – my main filter. And I can feel it between the lines”.

Subscribers actress supported, specifying, however, that in social networks you can face anything and with anyone.

“Just those kind of people think that if signed, it means that friends and comrades. On the other hand we must not forget that the stars in heaven, and we are all corruptible, no matter how many roles! By creating an account, you had to be ready and not to this”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Catherine Spitz in the microblog addressed to subscribers with the issue. Actress no surprises in the network of posts and complaints from people who have already suffered a coronavirus. the

Publish from Katherine Spitz (@katerinashpitsa) 6 May 2020 11:07 PDT