Ferda Atamann is to stand up against racism and for equality as the new federal anti-discrimination officer. With her identity-political approach, she is somehow reminiscent of the 1960s, when in some places Italians were badly insulted as “spaghetti eaters” and Turks of origin as “caraway Turks”.

Discrimination is also a weasel word. Everywhere people are treated unfairly. Clan criminals, for example, who regularly see themselves racially discriminated against by mainstream society. Or anti-Semites from the Arab or – see Documenta – Indonesian region, who have recently had to fear for their artistic freedom to be allowed to insult Jews.

The election of Ferda Atamann as the Federal Anti-Discrimination Commissioner is a complex matter. Grün, like parliamentary group leader Britta Hasselmann, is currently telling the story that Atamann once helped a well-known CDU man as a speechwriter.

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The Greens find the word alone discriminatory, because crimes are always committed by individuals and entire families cannot be held jointly liable. People who deal with clan criminals, police officers for example, see it very differently. For them, the very special family structures plus the origin and history of the clan people are the basis on which this form of brutal crime thrives.

In any case, Atamann is also quite controversial in the “migrant community”, as the saying goes. Ahmad Mansour, for example, finds her identity-political approach questionable, sorting people into groups, evaluating Ur-Germans (i.e. those whose immigration was a long time ago, perhaps a few hundred years) as “potatoes”. Which is somehow reminiscent of the 1960s, when in some places Italians were insulted as “spaghetti eaters” and Turks of origin as “caraway Turks” when things were going well. The association of people with local foods is a consistently discriminatory matter.

Anti-discrimination is part of equality policy. Most people probably give little thought to the difference between equal rights and equality. He insists that equality never ends, to the blessing of those responsible for it, but that at some point equality passes into the free design of the individual.

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Equality has all but disappeared from the German vocabulary today, “equality” has replaced it. A great success for the Greens and a successful social bureaucratic job creation measure on top of that. However, at the expense of the taxpayer, which is less talked about.

Statecraft: Six Lessons for the 21st Century

It is a pity that the Bundestag does not discuss this personnel issue of the traffic light coalition. It would have been exciting to see how liberals, i.e. the party of individuals, would react to a woman who derives her reason for being from talking about collectives. So, enough of the praise for Mrs. Atamann. As a tolerant potato, we wish you the best of luck.

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