335 people died.

Addressing the nation, Johnson spoke in a language that is not heard since the war. It was a harsh speech about the harsh time in which millions and millions of people around the world. Their number more than a million of our compatriots on the holidays or business trips in other countries, the British government called for an immediate return home, as more and more countries close their “heaven” and cancel flights.

Here are the provisions announced by Johnson in his address to the nation. Now the British must constantly be house, going outside only in extreme and clearly defined cases. Come out for a short time is allowed for the purchase of goods and food Essentials, when going to the hospital or the pharmacy. To do “optional” shopping is prohibited. Police are given authority to penalize citizens for leaving the house without a good reason.

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Allowed one run or one of the physical exercises on the street. To go to work only when absolutely necessary. All festivals, wedding, baptism repealed that allows only funeral. Sounds like a bad joke, but, alas, it is the current reality.

Outside the law from now on all street gatherings larger than two people. The police are allowed to require people to disperse, if the street gathered a group of several people. For families are the exception. The shops, except those selling food and commodities will be closed across the country. Police have been instructed to penalize those who refuse to abide by the above rules.

Johnson sees the possibility of easing these measures until the situation will remain critical. The head of the government of great Britain?the UK acknowledged that the country will face hard times and what may be lost many lives. However, without these measures it will be impossible to overcome the severe crisis that befell the country over the past decade.

“in three weeks we’ll see and may weaken these measures, circumstances permitting,” said Boris Johnson. He added: “Neither the Prime Minister would not want to be in this place to introduce such rules. I know what damage it would cause to the life, business and working people.”

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London mayor Sadiq Khan, in his post on Twitter added : “I directly appeal to the Londoners: this is not a matter of choice”. The mayor in his address to the Londoners called them without extreme need not to use personal transport: “to save lives, we need to keep the road for “emergency”, doctors, nurses free.”

Britain hopes and trusts that a strict social quarantine work. If not, the script does not exclude observers, can go for the dramatic Italian version. This is more than a grim prospect. But while the handwriting receding epidemic in Britain is a lot like the Italy. And it’s not pleasant.