After his victory in Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic again protested that he did not want to be vaccinated. When a US journalist found critical words, Djokovic’s wife Jelena had a violent exchange of blows with the tennis reporter.

Djokovis titled “anti-vaccination poster boy”: Because of Novak Djokovic’s vaccination status, his wife Jelena exchanged blows with US journalists and tennis expert Ben Rothenberg on Twitter. He had tweeted that Djokovic had made himself an “anti-vaccination poster boy” with his no to the corona vaccination.

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Djokovic’s wife rages: Those were words that made the 36-year-old mad: “Excuse me?! I want to make sure it is established that THEY, for whatever reason, labeled him an anti-vaccination poster boy. Rothenberg replied that his determination made Djokovic “knowingly or not, a major icon in the anti-vaccination movement”.

Jelena Djokovic warns reporter: Jelena Djokovic accuses Rothenberg of creating a “very judgmental narrative” that fits his agenda. The Djoker only chooses “the best for his body.” Rothenberg emphasizes that he is “deeply disappointed” by Djokovic, who is not living up to his role model. Jelena Rothenberg smugly recalled his influence. She hopes, “You won’t be judged for it or made a poster child for hate and bullying. You never know. You too are an influential figure, please don’t keep disappointing.”