In the relegation game between FC Wacker Munich and FC Hellas Munich, a player collapses on the field. While players are crying, the Football Association is desperate to get the game over. In the end, the game was canceled due to a storm, but both clubs are pissed off at the association.

“It’s a huge mess, it’s a scandal. Thats really sad. It’s sad when a human life is unimportant,” says Florian Bamminger to “”. The reason for the excitement of the board of directors of the Munich district league club FC Wacker Munich: That the Bavarian Football Association wants to go through with a relegation game, although a player on the pitch almost loses his life.

The game between Wacker Munich and FC Hellas Munich actually started quite normally. Wacker missed a penalty in the game for staying in the district league. A little later, however, that was all secondary. Hellas attacker Sokratis Evangelous collapsed on the field and had to be treated by surrounding players and staff.

Paramedics and a doctor rushed to help from the stands, and an ambulance came a little later. The latter transported the footballer, who was conscious again at the time, to the hospital.

Fortunately, the player is doing a little better now. “He is stable and responsive,” said Hellas board member Georgios Kitsios to the “” portal. “The hospital is currently checking whether there are any consequential damages.” According to the emergency doctors, the player had heart problems on the field.

Football was hardly to be thought of in the moments after the collapse. “Players of ours cried,” reports Kitsios. Both teams didn’t want to continue playing, but they had to. The reason: A representative of the association who was present ordered it.

“The game must definitely be played to the end today,” game director Volker Blum from the Bavarian Football Association (BFV) is said to have said on the pitch next to the unconscious player. These statements are confirmed by both board members and players from both teams.

So the players continued the game, went goalless into the dressing room and a little later didn’t play any more. The trigger for the abandonment of the game was not the medical emergency, but the looming, severe storm. But nobody spoke about it after the game.

For Bamminger, the statement by the BFV man “is the last straw. Something is going wrong at the Bavarian Football Association and what really annoys me is that there has not yet been any inquiry as to how the player concerned is doing.

Wacker coach Florian Hahn was also pissed off at the association. “The association is responsible for organizing the game operations. The association was already incapable on Tuesday when the lights went out after 110 minutes,” he grumbles. On that day, a previous FC Wacker relegation game on a neutral pitch had to be canceled after 110 minutes because the responsible municipality had set the floodlight timer to 10:15 p.m At exactly this time the light went out and I couldn’t get it back on.

The scolded game master Blum does not want to leave it that way and also describes his view of things. “I went to the referee and told him that if Hellas doesn’t want to continue playing, we’ll stop the game, I’ll take it on myself and we’ll repeat the game,” he told “”. No matter who is right: A bland aftertaste remains with this game.