The alleged impending move from Sadio Mané (30) from FC Liverpool to FC Bayern Munich is tearing a gap in Jürgen Klopp’s team. But there is already a plan to compensate for the departure.

Raphinha should come: Jürgen Klopp has a plan B should Sadio Mané switch from Liverpool to Bayern Munich. The “Reds” see the Brazilian Raphinha (25) from Leeds United as a suitable replacement, reports “The Mirror”. The South American still has an ongoing contract until 2024 – so a fee would be due.

Short, compact, clear

Contract rejected: According to the report, Raphinha has already turned down an offer to extend his contract at Leeds United. Ex-Barça pro Deco is currently working with his agency D20 Sports on a move to a top European club.

It’s his own fault: Raphinha actually “caused” himself that he can’t change this summer: he shot Leeds on the last day of the game to stay up. According to the contract, if the Brazilian had been relegated, he could have left Leeds automatically for 25 million euros.