the Reason for all these problems are network – or rather, industrial fishing. And if or rather, the gaps in legislation which continue to shrink the areas for recreational fisheries and populations of valuable fish.

“During the fish spawning, there is a ban on recreational fishing but not commercial fishing is prohibited – told the “Russian newspaper” the Chairman of the Board “of the St. Petersburg club of fishermen” Tamara Ortikova. – This situation in particular occurs in the Ladoga lake. We proposed to adjust fishing regulations to fishers were also prohibited fishing during the spawning season”.

Categorically opposed to local fishing, because the network causing great damage to the ecosystems of lakes and rivers, and Valery Irgashev, Chairman of the Board of Directors “Murmansk salmon”, created for the protection of salmon in the waters of the region. “And, if on inland waters of the Kola Peninsula will resume large-scale net fishing, its effects will be difficult to predict”. And it will resume. Since industrial fishing is expanding. Under him given about 40 sites on the large reservoirs of the polar region. And designed new.

Director of the Lapland biosphere reserve Sergey Shestakov confirms that the consequences can be really serious. “One of the projected areas on the Imandra lake covers the entrance to Guba Voce-Lambina continue into the river bottom Chung on the reserve, he said in his letter. – The second covers the entrance to the Monche-Guba. These sites are on the migratory path of major fish producers of trout and other species. That would endanger the existence of populations of lake trout and whitefish, which are already reduced.”

once the lake was famous for valuable fish species, which also included Atlantic salmon, Arctic charr, European whitefish and grayling. Today, the number of salmon in the Imandra is reduced, and the tendency to its restoration there. Valuable fish species are increasingly replaced by pike, burbot and smelt.

Sergey Shestakov proposes to use the lake Imandra only for recreational fishing, and exclude the fishing grounds from the list of plan consideration.

in Addition to the environmental problems of the extension on the Imandra-industrial fishing will bring, and others. It almost kicks the shores of lake anglers. Access to them will be closed, warns Valery Ircache.

Imandra is one of the most popular waters of the Arctic among anglers. But today the land area for commercial fishing is up to three hectares. And usually they are completely overlapping networks. In the fishery rules stated that you cannot catch fish with a fishing rod at a distance of 200 meters from the stationary gear, which include network.

Discusse, which insisted Valery Irgashev, still held and brought the first fruits. The waters in the Islands to Whom, and Burning, and Monche-Guba managed to defend for Amateur fishing. At least, so far managed.

However, such situation develops not only in the Murmansk region. They are the same for all internal Russian waters, where there is industrial fishing.

specialists of the Institute of industrial ecology problems of the North Kola science center Russian Academy of Sciences Petr Terent’ev and Nikolai Kashulin make a clear conclusion: the current system of management of aquatic biological resources is inefficient and needs revision. At the conclusion of contracts on rent of fishing grounds do not provide for liability of users for the conservation and replenishment of fish stocks. This legislative gap needs to be urgently solved, insist scientists.

moreover, from the first of January 2021 comes into force a law that was specifically adopted to preserve ecosystems and to recreational fishermen felt on the waters freely. For example, the new law on Amateur and sport fisheries No. 475, the law actually prohibits paid fishing. All areas, with a few exceptions where these services are provided for money, should be eliminated until 31 December 2020.

However, the long-awaited “fish” reform may not produce the desired results. Instead of paid sites will be a lot of new – for commercial fishing. Their network will not be allowed fishermen to the water. A fish without a break for spawning but still in the expanded version can really “finish” valuable species of fish.

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