MOSCOW, may 4 — RIA Novosti. Movie Studio Pixar has launched on its YouTube channel cooking show “Cooking with Pixar”. In it the secrets of cooking different dishes to share characters from famous animated movies, reports Entertainment Weekly.

so far released only three videos with recipes. In the first clip show how to make traditional Chinese cakes for a couple. The chef helps to cook them Bao — hero from the same short film.

Mr. Wilkins from “toy Story 4” is trying to collect a pizza with pepperoni and peppers, and in a recent video brothers-elves Ian and barley from the cartoon “Forward” use magic to bake a birthday cake for birthday.

unfortunately, the presenters don’t tell you what proportions you need to use the ingredients. Therefore, in order to make this work, is to connect some source from the Internet which tell you how to cook similar dishes.