we Forget about the big names. Properly, the Zürcher Anton “Toni” Piëch (41) is the son of VW – and Porsche-Tycoon Ferdinand Piëch (82). But a car noble ancestry is not sufficient to make as the Start-up of the Swiss electricity sports car Piëch lossummen.

Clearly, the Name is one advantage: The car has a quasi-history, before it departs, and Connections, including media hype and the need for a project in the three-digit million range.

The Name is also a burden. “We have only decided late to use the name Piëch,” says Toni Piëch. “He certainly helps. But with the name of our product has to play in the Champions League, because some of them are just waiting for us to fail.”

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Today, Toni Piëch, as a co-founder Rea Strong Rajcic (35), Piëch-Co-CEO. First, they were the Mark of Zero (if the car in the series is called in the same way, is still open) at the Geneva Salon last Friday-then the opening of the Piëch Concept store on uraniastrasse 18 in Zurich, followed, where future customers the Concept Car already will be able to admire, and now tells us the Piëch-team more to the battery.

What head of development, Klaus Schmidt (63) shows us that With TGood (charging technology) and with Ten (battery) from China, the Piëch 500 kilometers in the WLTP is to create the standard cycle and Hyper-fast loading. Battery-equipped Special ward (e.g. at home) was the 70-kWh battery in 4 minutes 40 seconds to 80 per cent full, to the newer fast chargers in eight minutes on 80, in twelve minutes on 100 per cent! The new Lithium-ion cell technology, reducing the heating in such a way that instead of water – to-air cooling.

The Partner is not just anybody

The battery Story sounds, in spite of certificates (e.g. Tüv Süd, Hofer) almost too good to be true. It is but not for a long time that we had laughed at Tesla mild, and neither Schmidt nor of Ten still TGood are easy to anyone.

Schmidt was BMW-M-chief developer, is happy about the 200 pounds of weight-saving air cooling and battery placement on the center tunnel and transversely in the rear for the purpose of deep seat and Balance. TGood (China) is 210’000 pillars, the world’s largest charging point operators.

Genuine Swiss company,

Until 2022 so far is, intoxicate ourselves on the Design from the Hand of the native Ostschweizers Rea Strong Rajcic (35). An Aston-Jaguar-Ferrari? Yes and no. Some of the shapes from the 1960s, are just as they are. Retro? No, cool and re-interpreted. You can imagine how between all the Porsches 911 is a Piëch by Monte Carlo, Dubai or L. A. whizzes.

And while Schmidt drift is in the driving alloy chassis ready, the planning for two more variants – because of the modular design of the four-door coupe and five-seat SUV stretch; both were parallel in plan. Production target: 10’000 Piëch in the year, of which 1000 sports coupe. The pricing: The sports coupe would have a good 200’000 Swiss francs.

All have in common is the drive: an E-Motor would be in the front, two at the rear, all à 150 kW – power 450 kW (612 E-PS). On pace for 100 the hell in the 1.8 tons heavy, 4,43 meters long two-seater will go in 3.3 seconds. A Swiss Strong Stromer? Yes, because the two CEOs have grown up here, the company headquarters is in Zurich. Would be built in the four-wheel drive is probably close to the Munich-based development.

entrepreneur instead of a dreamer

At the end the impression remains: Yes, that could work – especially since here, in contrast to so many sports-car Dream of having in other areas, a successful entrepreneur and not a dreamer at work. We are excited to see. And at the end of the Name plays a role: with A dad like Piëch know to prevent a car named Piëch sure if he had the guff.