It happened on Monday (January 9) on a flight from Magan in the Russian Republic of Sakha to Magadan. Iraero’s Antonov An-26 had already climbed to an altitude of several thousand meters after take-off when the latch on the left side of the rear cargo hatch suddenly broke. This opened it up quite a bit.

A passenger’s video shows the strong draft in the cabin and how one can see outside from the cabin. On board the An-26 were 25 travelers and six crew members. The captain decided to return to Magan.

The landing went smoothly and no one was injured. However, the East Siberian Investigation Department of the Traffic Investigation Committee said that several pieces of luggage fell from the plane.

Iraero’s Antonov An-26 bears the registration number RA-26174. She is 43 years old and was built in 1979 with serial number 8304 and previously flew for Khabarovsk Avia.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

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The original of this article “At an altitude of several thousand meters, the cargo hatch of the Antonov suddenly opens” comes from aeroTelegraph.