About 103 people have disappeared in Lake Constance. A tragic case occurred just recently.

Lake Constance is not only beautiful, but also dangerous. This is shown by figures from the maritime police. Accordingly, around 103 people are currently missing on Lake Constance. The Thurgau cantonal police announced this according to “20 min”. 

At its deepest point, Lake Constance is 254 meters deep, informs “bodensee.de”. According to an expert, from a depth of 60 meters the lake is only four degrees warm, as “20 min” writes. It’s supposed to act like a refrigerator, they say. Hardly any gases are formed that could drive a body upwards. 

Just recently there was another accident: a man (23) disappeared in Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen. The incident occurred on Monday, May 20th. He is said to have jumped into the water from a pedal boat in the entrance to the BSB ship harbor. A police spokeswoman said he was traveling with four other inmates. They returned to the port after the man disappeared. As the “Schwäbische” reports, the friends are said to have tried to pull the 23-year-old out of the water.

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