According to the police, the search for an animal abuser in Berlin is currently also endangering innocent people.

A video goes viral on TikTok. It shows an abused dog. A voice comments on the scene: “Look here, I hit him on his head with a belt – this little one…” The images are hard to bear. The dog crouches over a drain with a bloody head and trembles all over – from fear.

In the comments it is assumed that the animal abuser lives in Spandau. Private searches follow, reports the B.Z.

In Berlin, unknown persons even published the addresses and names of alleged animal abusers on social networks. According to the police, according to the current status of the investigation, the named persons have nothing to do with the mistreatment. People at addresses in Berlin-Spandau are said to have entered the affected apartments twice and threatened the residents.

The police point out that vigilante justice is not an option in this case either. Investigations and witness information belong in the hands of the police.