Tell us about the mode of self-isolation in Germany.

Elena Bashkirova: Here from the very beginning, reacted to the incident very seriously, people behaved very responsibly. Today managed to somehow reduce the number of infected. Very rigid quarantine in Italy, Spain or even Israel, it was not. It was possible to walk. We were lucky with very nice weather. To quarantine I wanted to live somewhere in the city center, but today our house is on the outskirts of the city, close to gardens and Park, has proved vital.

Sons beside you?

Elena Bashkirova: they Have their homes, but they are in Berlin, and we may from time to time to meet together to walk. And with my grandchildren, fortunately, are walking in the Park opposite the house, play football together.

You probably wonder why the whole world suddenly collapsed under this attack to become the biblical disasters?

Elena Bashkirova: Now it does not matter where it came from. Matter what happens after this. I hate conspiracy theories, this is the easiest way out is to look for the culprits. A much more global problem in how society emerges from isolation into a social and moral sense. Many will not be able to avoid depression, children have psychological problems, families are under threat of destruction, not to mention how many people will lose their livelihood. Intimidating, and how to change our cultural life. The culture ceased to speak, she quickly ceased to be important. As if people are alive only one bread. At the time, Daniel Barenboim in 2011 organized a concert in Gaza, a place where no one willingly goes. He gathered an orchestra of 30 superb musicians from the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics, from France and Italy. We went on a half day, having time to carry out his legs. On the eve of Pakistan eliminated bin Laden in Gaza were mourning, the Islamists protested the concert was in jeopardy. The trip was unforgettable. The owner of a large building, where the concert was held, said the phrase, still relevant today: “Thank you that you brought us culture. It is very important to us. We send food, medicine, but it also makes for the animals in the zoo. You brought us culture – music. It’s what separates us from animals.” Any country after a devastating war has revived only because of the culture. Of course, eating well is necessary. But what distinguishes man is the need of culture, music, the most universal art form that requires no translation. This is what gives us the right to be called human beings.

What you say about the measures to get out of quarantine?

Elena Bashkirova: Yet no one says nothing. Everything is discussed, but no one could not with all responsibilitie´┐Ż´┐Ża property to say “we know how to.” Logic is a big no, because no one dealt with this phenomenon. No one can predict the consequences. Here, for example, open Barber shops. But why, then, should not be allowed to teach musical instruments one on one? It’s much easier and not at all dangerous.

To the question about teaching, your father, Dmitry Bashkirov not with you now?

Elena Bashkirova: Mom’s around in Berlin and the Pope was left alone in a small apartment in the centre of Madrid, where he taught until the last moment. The country was closed. The Pope says that Madrid is like a Ghost town. We talk constantly. It is suitable to what is happening philosophically. He has a wonderful assistant, a devotee of him, who constantly helps. I hope that as soon as you weaken the quarantine, he will return to teaching.

And remotely Dmitry Aleksandrovich not teaching?

Elena Bashkirova: It relates to that generation, among which a few will be online. Besides, he’s such a perfectionist, and online it is impossible to have a real sound. It is better to wait.

But today the Internet is however a big salvation for the majority. If not for him, many people simply would have gone mad.

Elena Bashkirova: Yes, thankfully. Many began to chat with their friends more than to isolation. A friend told me that every week they make using zoom chats with your classmates like never in my life before. I will say that time is still anything missing. Awfully glad I managed to save three of my concert of the festival “Intonation”, which will be broadcast from 12 to 13 may. Concerts will be at the empty hall. Live concerts, in my opinion, is the last thing that will come back after the quarantine. This can today only dream of. I’d give anything again to be at a live concert to hear a huge orchestra, to go to the Opera again to be surrounded by this sound, and not to look through the Internet. But the Internet is there and thanks him.

Angela Merkel really supported the freelancers?

Elena Bashkirova: Yes, that’s right, the government is very powerfully made, especially in the culture, the people got help instantly, without a bureaucratic wire. In the first week closure of all, they provided instant help freelancers, listing 10-15 thousand euros. But it only helps for two to three months to pay rent and stuff, and then you have to think about further steps. If the policy and representatives of the largest corporations do not pay attention to abandoned the culture, we turn into animals who eat, drink, sleep, reproduce.

Your spouse shares with you thoughts about what is happening?

Elena BAskerova: He’s very worried about what I do, that the culture can be left out, what about music do not think anyone. A man is vital. Daniel all this time did not stop activity. Staatsoper satisfied with online programs in Alliance with the channel, “Medici” and “Deutsche Grammophon”, where he performed both solo recitals and played in chamber ensembles. I watched the concerts, which Daniel spent in the hall Boulez, where he played the Diabelli variations of Beethoven, Mozart sonatas for violin, works by Schumann and Chopin.

That is the house he is not sitting?

Elena Bashkirova: If the house remains very productive.

As the Maestro communicates with his orchestra?

Elena Bashkirova: He’s on the phone with them. Developed a program of chamber concerts, which will be broadcast on different channels. Thousands of users from all over the world watch these shows. All musicians really want to play, eager like never before. Opera soloists will also give liederabend to participate in chamber ensembles. I think the composers will write new music. In this sense, the quarantine was pushed for a very interesting experiment. It is very important to be creative, to invent something, not to sit in a state of paralysis, and make every attempt to find new opportunities that at first may not bring big profits, but for the future will become an important base for new life. We continue to believe in the future and this future must build on and to believe in it.