Scientists-physicists could not confirm the hypothesis about the appearance of the beams of neutrinos and antineutrinos because of the merger of black holes. For this leading minds compared the data of gravitational wave observatories LIGO and VIRGO, as well as special particle detector the detector consists.

General relativity suggests that the interaction of any object with nonzero mass gives rise to gravity waves and spatial fluctuations in time propagating at the speed of light. For the first time experts have registered the phenomenon in 2015 with LIGO. Subsequently, to search for data distortion is started and the device is VIRGO, the portal arXiv.

Neutrino detector the detector consists assembled of a plurality of photosensors and a giant tank filled with 1 kt of liquid. It consists of mineral oil, benzene and fluorescent chemicals. In the center of this large vessel is another Chan where pumped liquefied xenon-136. It is the longest-lived unstable isotope with a half life of several trillion times the age of the Universe. Flows of anti-neutrino physics track, capturing flashes of light that occur at the moment of collision of particles with protons. The detector consists is the largest and most sensitive detector of neutrinos of low energies in the world.

Our galaxy the milky Way is twisted and deformed under the action of gravity galactic satellites, the Large Magellanic Cloud. To such conclusion scientists-astrophysicists. Previously it was thought that a stellar system in which we are, static. But scientists from the University of Edinburgh Michael Petersen and Jorge Penarrubia discovered that 700 million years ago it collided with the galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and since they both are influenced by each other. Gravity of BMO with a speed of 32 kilometers per second, or 115 200 kilometers per hour, twists spiral disk of our Galaxy.

Wrote astronomers discovered in the constellation Virgo galaxy BOSS-EUVLG1 with “dormant” supermassive black hole. The galaxy itself if this record emits bright radiation in the ultraviolet range. This is due to the fact that there are active processes of formation of new stars.