Physicians preparing for the explosive spread of the coronavirus in Russia

Professor, leading researcher nits of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei Nikolay Malyshev has told, in what scenario can go the spread of coronavirus. According to him, doctors are preparing for an explosive development of the type of nuclear reaction. He declared it on air of TV channel “Russia-1”.

“we First saw an arithmetic addition of a number of cases. Now it is in fact already geometric, because for the past day three times increased incidence of: was 50, now 170. Therefore, in all the territories, including in Moscow, are now preparing new beds and hospitals. They are trying to equip for the latest requirements. All this should help,” said the kid.

He noted that during the explosive development is the most important – to provide assistance to those requiring it. “A huge amount will get sick, a huge amount will require medical care,” explained infectious disease. According to him, real to prevent the spread of the coronavirus must be at least 12 days of quarantine. It was during this period, the disease symptoms manifested in 98% of patients.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin, in his televised address to Russians announced next week after hours with pay. Thus, the long weekend will run from the nearest Saturday 28 March to Sunday 5 April. The decision was taken in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection.

In Russia, coronavirus was confirmed in 495 people in 14 regions. The number of cases are the Moscow (290 cases), Moscow oblast (35 cases) and St. Petersburg (21 cases). The government informally believe that the speed of propagation of coronavirus infection in Russia is similar to the situation in Spain, where he became even worse than in Italy, and a need for more decisive action to quarantine. Officially, the government continues to insist that you can do without it.

the head Physician of the hospital N40 Kommunarka in the Moscow Denis Protsenko said that Russia needs to prepare for the development of the situation with coronavirus in the Italian scenario, the surge in the incidence. In this case, the question arises, who is going to treat the Russians, if the doctors get sick, too: they have now is not enough masks and respirators, and biohazard suits and other personal protective equipment.

the Department of health of Moscow has allowed patients with coronavirus to be treated at home, if the illness is mild: the patient’s temperature does not exceed 38.5 degrees, no shortness of breath, frequency of respiratory movements is less than 30, the saturation of blood with oxygen more than 93%. If at least one of these conditions is violated, the patient should be hospitalized. Home treatment also does not apply to people over 65 years, with chronic diseases, pregnant women.