Mourning for a Zambian football legend. Former footballer Philemon Mulala, 60, has died after being mauled to death by his own dogs. The tragic incident happened at his home in Lichtenberg (South Africa).

As the “Bild” reports, Philemon Mulala was mauled by his dogs in his own house. The Zambian had already moved to South Africa at the end of his career.

Mulala became a folk hero because he tied a brace against Kenya in Zambia’s 1980 tournament triumph in the semi-finals of the CECEFA Cup. At the CECEFA Cup, the national teams from East and Central Africa compete against each other every two years.

Mulala was found by his wife in the garden, explains the “image”. When the dogs bite, the wife was not present because she was on the other side of the house. At the time of the incident, the electricity in the house was gone.

“After the power was restored, she went into the house and looked for her husband, but could not find him. As the woman continued her search, she saw her husband lying motionless outside in the garden. She then went outside to find that her husband had been bitten by her dogs,” said police spokesman Sam Tselanyane.