” You did not even realize that you had a problem. One thought not there was a problem, ” says “Peter” as in 20-years.

the Past that the addict is a past part of life, and he wants to be anonymous. But he would really like to share their experiences.

the Choice he took after he was caught with drugs in 2016 was crucial for the future, he believes.

Want to offer help instead of punishment

today, young people with so-called risky behavior called in to bekymringssamtaler with their parents / carers and police.

But in the proposal for the new rusreformen to people who are caught with small amounts of drugs will not be punished.

instead, the youngsters get the care and conversation with an advisor in the municipality. These meetings are required. Youth under the age of 18 years to be called together with parents / carers to the first part of the conversation.

Further follow-up is voluntary

the Second round is, however, a voluntary offer of health care. Youth all the way down to 16 years of age can choose whether they want to have with parents or go it alone.

There should not be any sanctions for not meeting up in the other part.

If it had been voluntary at that time, so I had probably declined, saying “Peter”.

He got to namely the choice between bot and remark on the rullebladet or ruskontrakt. He went for the latter. It saved the future of his, tells of “peter”.

Ruseksperter about new rusreform: – More want to believe that drugs is the law Notice that the evidence is younger

Several professionals share this concern. They are worried that the proposal for the new reform will make follow-up more volunteer for the youth.

To ungdomskontakten in Stjørdal in Trøndelag comes to those who choose to enter into ruskontrakt. Here they followed up with supervision and weekly urine specimens.

The last three years, the influx increased and debutantene become increasingly younger.

– We have the impression that there are more people trying various drugs than in the past, and that they are younger and perhaps more uncritical in use, ” says Marit High in ungdomskontakten in Stjørdal.

the director of public prosecutions supports the decriminalization by the use of small amounts of drugs

GETTING INTO more and MORE: The last few years has the coordinator for ungdomskontakten in Stjørdal municipality, Marit High, got into more and increasingly younger rusdebutanter.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK Believes the youth is forgotten

High she says is easier said than done that they do not get caught up the young early enough.

A youth who has started to experiment with the rus does not see the consequences and think maybe everything is just fine and great to start with – and it is there might also. Then it is difficult to see that one might need some help and support, ” she says.

In addition, the mean High that the measures in the proposal for the new reform are better suited for those who are already well-established drug users, than for the young.

Young people are perhaps a little forgotten. That one thinks the same measures for the one who is 12-13 years, as a 50-year, mean we are wrong.

Police fear the decriminalization

Also the police are concerned. The bailiff’s Kjetil Ravlo in Vaernes lensmannsdistrikt is scared of the new rusreformen tar from the police important tools to combat substance abuse.

– Rusreformutvalget proposes the decriminalization of use and possession of drugs. It means that the provisions of the penal code can not be used, ” says Ravlo.

He says the search warrant is an important tool for law enforcement get revealed the more serious crime, but also other young people.

CONCERNED about: Kjetil Ravlo, a sheriff in Vaernes lensmannsdistrikt, is concerned that the use and possession of drugs avkriminaliseres.

Photo: Morten Andersen / NRK – Important that they don’t stop to apprehend

the Police to respond as often as they do today, ” says Trine Funder Amundal. She is a specialist in rusmedisin at St. Olavs hospital and sitting in the committee that has written the proposal for the new rusreform.

” It is important that they do not stop to apprehend for possession and use so that health care can offer assistance. It will give the opportunity to come early and give ample information, preferably before the people develop a serious substance abuse problem, ” says Amundal.

if there is any suspicion about the sale and other crimes there will previously be the criminal code sections that come into. It is not suggested changes in this, explains Amundal.

– It is important to emphasize that the use and possession of drugs is still illegal. It is the police’s response, if one is caught for possession and use, to be changed from punishment to health care, ” she says.

Thankful that he was taken

today is “Peter” grateful that he was caught by the police and ended up on the ruskontrakt – under what he calls voluntary compulsion. He is now in full work, and soon completes the he also education.

Now I’m procedure for the opportunity I got to come back as a normal person.

the proposed new rusreform is out for consultation until 15. may and should then be treated in the government.