From June 1, drivers in Germany can save almost 35 cents on petrol and 17 cents on diesel. A reduction in VAT and a tank discount make it possible. But at the start there is a risk of chaos. FOCUS Online says what drivers need to know.

Shortly after Russia declared war on Ukraine, fuel prices at German petrol pumps went through the roof at the end of February. The liter of Super was 35 cents more expensive, and diesel was even more expensive by more than 50 cents, cracking the 2.30 euro mark in many places.

Three months later, the price has stabilized at an average of 2 euros per liter for petrol and diesel. Nevertheless, commuters who depend on their vehicles every day groan under the high price of fuel. The federal government will provide relief from June 1st. But chaos is inevitable.

The federal government’s wishful thinking: Petrol and diesel will become cheaper on June 1 at midnight sharp. It should be up to 35 cents cheaper for petrol and up to 17 cents for diesel. But associations, automobile clubs and economic experts do not count on it.

And that is for two important reasons.

First. The oil price is linked to various factors. Russia, the USA and all states belonging to OPEC can influence prices in the crude oil trading market. The organization includes countries that export crude oil. Including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Venezuela. If countries throttle production – for example due to global uncertainty or domestic political crises – trade prices automatically rise. It then becomes more expensive overall at the pump. The fact is, the price of oil rose midweek.

It usually takes a little while before you notice it at the pump.

Secondly. Fuel prices are based on demand and supply. Drivers have been refueling less fuel at the pump for a few weeks. They’re understandably waiting for the tank discount. At the same time, gas station operators order less fuel because demand is falling.

At the start there can be long queues and delivery bottlenecks. In the worst case, prices shoot up. This reduces the tank discount.

In principle, you should not run your tank dry for the next few days. If you drive a lot, fill up the tank, if you only need your vehicle occasionally until mid-June, fill up so that you don’t have to go to the gas station for the next few days.

Pay attention to the prices in your area and compare the prices – for example with common apps or online sites.

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