Done? Or is it only the profane political power of Petra Gössi? In any case, the current development seems mirakulös: the change of lesser extent, the free of the tight economy, party-wide environmental party. You may call it liberation? Or Return?

The FDP to the state, for the sake of the environment: the CO2 tax, the air ticket levy, the restriction of the use of Pesticides, the phasing out of nuclear energy – in an environmentally formidable Switzerland in the near future.

all of This has been decided by the FDP-Assembly of delegates in Zurich last Saturday: thanks to Petra Gössi, with Petra Gössi, for Petra Gössi.

Petra, the Greta from the Canton of Schwyz?

Quite the contrary, the party President of each of the Thunberg-Pathos is missing; she loves to Laugh; Beliefs represent it with roguish charm. Those who listen instead of Greta, Petra, does not feel as a sinner and penitent.

for More than a century, the FDP was the party of the state it has created. The state party, which showed the economy in society and democracy. The party, the enemies of social – democracy-brothers – created the modern welfare state, gently pushed by the Christian Democrats, the social liberals, their Christian social teaching at the narrow.

So the free sense identified with his state, that sense of liberty to the political DNA of the Switzerland. Peter Bichsel, the state of delicate esters and zornigster Poet, adviser to the legendary SP-Federal Council, Willi Ritschard, well-known sarcastic-resigned: “We are all intimately!”

However, the liberal-minded freedom tree lost its leaves in the late seventies, as economic missionaries, the party verdonnerten to the neo-liberal creed: The state party was suddenly anti-state party! The rest of the leaves rieselten from the crown, as the three letters FDP could also as an SVP, The state party was suddenly the most backpack party of the right-wing populists!

so Now, the Revolution, once in September of 1848?

Yes, time is flying, because the spirit of the times threatens to – in particular German-world-Zeitgeist.

In the Federal Republic, not a success story free Democrat – liberal – politics knows, make use of the Green the climate crisis: as the prohibition party, as the world’s rescue and citizen education party, a political Arm of the Evangelical Church of the tags!

Switzerland, and urgently needs a free mind. And not only for environmental reason. Otherwise problems of citizens and society press.

The globalized capitalism, especially the financial and the digital economy, hosting Unger law-free areas are considered, in part, and the migration of peoples was charged with the UN-migration Pact to promise; the democratic state is put into perspective as a political culture of arrogant, exploitative West.

so It would be time to mobilise the intellectual, the cultural, the political power of education as powerfully as possible.

it takes a sense of liberty, of political freedom and economic responsibility for the programme collects, the politicized re-competent, intellectually and culturally.

Has sparked Petra Gössi just because something is greater than yourself?

It would be no wonder.

It would be a miracle!