In the library “e-Moscow school” (“MES”) is the application dedicated to Fyodor Dostoevsky and his works. The developers recommend to pay attention to them a Day Dostoevsky literary festival, which is celebrated on the first Saturday of July. This year it will be held online.

the App will tell about the biography of the writer and his influence on literature.

the Novels of Dostoevsky still have not solved the riddles that controversial researchers and readers. To recall the most significant is possible with the thematic application.

Another application is dedicated to one of the most celebrated in Russian literature of the cities of our country. Dostoevsky showed his readers with the unusual perspective. Everyone is welcome to take a virtual walk with the heroes of “Crime and punishment”. This novel is connected and following the app — it will tell about how the work acquired an independent life in painting. Here you can see the paintings created on his motives.

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