In the Film “the lottery,” he shines as a terminally ill old age, thanks to a million in profit back to health. This is not in real life, so just as in the lüpfigen TV Comedy (tomorrow, SRF 1, 20.05 PM), learns Peter Freiburghaus (72) for two years.

in 2017, was discovered at the popular character head, an insidious skin cancer, called cutaneous lymphoma. A planned Tour with Antonia Limacher (65) as a Duo Fischbach he had to cancel. “The Play and travel would have been for me in torment,” he says, looking back.

still chemotherapy

Since then, Freiburg, house, fighting valiantly against the disease. “My condition is stable,” he announces now. This is good news for his Fans. He will, however, be treated at Zurich University hospital, and still with chemotherapy. “The Bank is targeting the cancer cells, to do no harm.” To do this, Freiburg is treated in the house with a light therapy, proteins and steroids.

“The appearance of the disease are red spots which occur more or less on the whole body and a bad itch trigger,” he explains. “This is very distressing, especially if it won’t let me sleep.” Last November, he had to leave due to osteoarthritis of the left knee surgery.

Often very tired

The head, he does not hang: “I think the house and the garden in the shot, times, read a lot, go for walks and Biking trips, I cook and eat. And I rest, because I’m generally pretty tired.” A Tour with the Duo Fischbach was not planned. “50 years on the stage are enough for me.”

But Freiburg house is pleased that the SRF shows, the Comedy “lottery” once again. “You like me very much. Because heavy themes about friendship, death, and the father-son told wink-conflicts with a lot of eyes.” In the course of his disease is worth as much as winning the lottery? Freiburg house ponders: “A lucky hit would be, if it would not bother me, on the other hand: What would I have then? Something else. Something everyone has – and always. You have to arrange this for you.”