salad after salad, on the surface of a football field. Vegetable farmer, Thomas Wyssa (58) from the row with the smallest seedlings and looks over to the already full-blown minds: “for Three weeks, then are here so far.”

Until then, have to wait Wyssa. Because to do it in his unique System to the lettuce breeding much: The nutrient-rich water flows automatically in the shepherd dogs with the seedlings. Once a period of growth, is sprayed with pesticides. After three weeks of harvest workers pack bags of vegetables for the purpose of removal in plastic. “We save with this method, 60 percent of everything: water, nitrate, pesticides,” explains Wyssa.

On his farm around the Freiburg municipality of Galmiz Wyssa to build, with about 45 employees, especially vegetables. An advantage of his salad culture: There is no pollutants in the soil.

The farmers have to act. On Thursday, the Federal office for the environment (FOEN) published its report on the quality of groundwater (see Box): In each of the second Groundwater pesticides detected. In each of the seventh Drinking water supply, the limit values for fertilizers are exceeded. The Federal office sees urgent need for action – in particular, in the case of the Swiss farmers. Limit values for fertilizers and pesticides in the ground water are exceeded, especially in the middle of the country and in regions with intensive agriculture. So had to be made due to too many toxic substances in groundwater such as in the Bernese Seeland already drinking fountains still. The toxins represent a public health Problem, even cancer.

prohibition of various substances required

experts warn of the contamination of drinking water. Martin Forter by the Association of Physicians for the environment (AefU) denounces his group already for a long time the unrestricted use of pesticides, calls for the prohibition of various substances.

The AefU provides for the intensive agriculture as the main cause for the contamination of drinking water. “We are calling for a General tightening up of the limits and a ban of particularly dangerous substances that are known to cause cancer,” said Forter. Especially the large number of different substances in the water gives him: such As these act in combination on the human body, is largely unexplored. The existing limits are only valid for the individual substances alone.

The Association AefU to Forter for organic agriculture and supports the ongoing initiatives for pesticide prohibitions for the protection of drinking water.

referendum at the earliest in the spring

The Parliament wrestles a counter-proposal to the two templates, the a ban on the use of pesticides or subsidies to stop calling. Expected in the winter session, it will advise the final decision on the two templates. Would a popular vote it at the earliest in the spring. Would be voted on today, would you be good good eChancen to be adopted.

the problem of the Freiburg vegetable farmer, Thomas Wyssa white, although he is actually a conventional producer: “Clearly, the intensive agriculture has negative consequences for the environment,” he says. However, in the last 15 years, a lot had been improved. However, the soils are still contaminated from the time before.

He stressed that farmers, and he made use of the techniques of organic farming and fertilisers and pesticides divisions – also, to save money. So Wyssa has upgraded since a year his tractor to the mechanical removal of weeds using a spraying robots. Now he can apply plant protection products accurately. A camera detects the device, the Plant under the Hack, a nozzle applied the fungicide or insecticide, says Wyssa and calculates: “we are saving 60 to 80 percent of the pesticides.” the