He is the master of the political chess game: Markus Ritter (52), St. Gallen, CVP national councillor and President of the farmers Association. Now, however, has miscalculated knight for once: In the context of the parliamentary debate on the drinking water Initiative of the highest farmer fought back with hands and feet, however, to take legal measures for the reduction of pesticides in Swiss Farmland.”If it is not necessary to adopt a law, then it is necessary to enact no law,” – quoted by knight of the French philosopher Montesquieu.

But with each study, which made the pollution of the groundwater on the subject, came knights more under pressure. Since the drinking water Initiative has a good chance: In a survey conducted in may, 57 percent of respondents were in favour of the claim that only those farmers receiving direct payments, the work without artificial pesticides.

Parliamentary Initiative without concrete Numbers

In the wind of public opinion has changed to knight his tactics now. As the national Council economic Commission treated this week to a proposal, the statutory targets for the reduction of pesticides demanded, agreed to knight the. How does he explain the turnaround? The proposal is a compromise that responds to the knight: “Our contribution is that we are ready to lead the discussion on a bill.”

even the peasants of measures at the legislative level to support That now, says the Basel SP-Nationalrat Beat Jans (55). “The farmers’ Association has noticed that he plays both with his All-or-nothing strategy is too high,” he says. At the same time he is sceptical as to whether the proposal in fact, something is gained. Because the parliamentary Initiative contains no specific Figures for the reduction of pesticide values. The Bernese GLP-national councillor Kathrin Bertschy (40) sees this as primarily a strategic maneuver. “The farmers continue to play on time,” she says. The real Problem will continue to exist: “The population is going to vote on the drinking water Initiative, before it can be determined whether the Parliament is prepared, the use of pesticides are actually to restrict.”