Reporters asked why Putin is now more a public policy than were “darowizny time.” What the Secretary said was “a very strict quarantine regime of self-isolation, which however had no impact on the active working schedule of the head of state”.

Vladimir Putin using various communication technologies, have stayed in touch and held events. “The quarantine period is softened, the dynamics, incidence has been steadily going down, which of course evokes positive emotions,” – said Peskov.

“as this changes the balance of intramural and extramural meetings of the President”, – explained the representative of the Kremlin.

“the President has not reduced its activity during the quarantine, not doing it now,” – said Peskov.

thus a press-the Secretary of state disagreed with the journalist’s claim that now the activity has become greater. “I can not share your feelings. The President supports that very activity which he had always: it’s his style of work,” he concluded.