Fighting for your own health and goals pays off. The best example is the success story of 25-year-old Jessica. With a lot of strength and willpower, the young woman not only defeated cancer, but also lost an impressive 80 kilos. In this article, she tells how she did it.

No matter how bad things seem to be going in your own life, you should never give up hope and always try to fight. The best example that it is worth working hard for your own future and health is 24-year-old Jessica – a real power woman.

Despite their young age, many people can certainly take a good slice of their zest for life and their stamina.

In the last few months she has not only lost a good 80 kilos – she has also defeated a malignant tumor in her lymphatic system. But that’s not all: The young woman then made it her mission to motivate other people and to support them mentally on their life paths.

Jessica’s Instagram channel, on which she shares her story, is now followed by over 800,000 people. And they not only get plenty of fitness and nutrition tips, but also a lot of important wisdom to take with them.

“Life can get tough, but always think about the ‘worse’ situation you might be in right now,” she wrote in a post reminiscent of her life stages. “Be grateful for where you are right now. Positive thoughts get you further in life!”

But until she got to this mental point, Jessica’s life was a rollercoaster ride at its finest: Throughout her youth, she kept gaining weight until she finally surpassed 145 kilograms.

For a long time, however, she put off finally changing her habits. “I often had ideas about how I wanted to lose weight, but I never really got started.” At the time, her weight made her feel weak and tired. “I’ve always loved living, but it was exhausting to be so obese,” the young woman recalls.

“I haven’t had an unhappy life. But I just didn’t like how I felt in my own body. That motivated me to change something.”

But while she was beginning to work on her body, tragedy struck unexpectedly: A malignant tumor was discovered in her lymphatic system, which had to be treated immediately with radiation therapy.

The radiation weakened Jessica’s body and her hair fell out. She lost a significant amount of mass in a very short time – especially her hard-earned muscles disappeared. In the meantime she weighed only 60 kilograms.

But even that was no longer a reason for the power woman not to continue fighting and training for her health. In the meantime, she has worked her way back up to a well-toned 70 kilograms.

But that’s not a reason to stop. Jessica wants to continue to live her sportively healthy life. For you and your health!

You can contact Jessica on her Instagram account @getfitwjessica. There you will also find more background information about their success story.

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