A security guard was seriously injured in a refugee shelter in Potsdam. It has now been announced that the man has died. The police have been searching for suspects since early this morning.

Following the violent attack on the premises of a refugee shelter in Potsdam, the police have identified a suspect and are searching for him.

The public prosecutor’s office and the police announced on Thursday afternoon: “In the course of initial investigations, a suspect has already been identified by name.” According to the “Bild” newspaper, this person is not a resident of the accommodation.

The manhunt has so far been unsuccessful. A homicide squad is investigating.

During the violent confrontation on the grounds of the asylum accommodation on Thursday, a security guard was fatally injured. The police were called out on a major operation, and the area near Sanssouci Park was cordoned off and searched. The refugee accommodation is in a former hotel called “Schlossgarten”.

The police announced that a security guard was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries and died there that morning. The Potsdam public prosecutor’s office is investigating on suspicion of homicide. Extensive evidence is being secured at the crime scene. Since the investigation is still at a very early stage, the authorities did not want to provide any further information about the crime.