Many people are pushed under the coronakrisen, and this applies not least to the families where violence is a part of everyday life.

Now share the singer Pernille Rosendahl a videobid of his sister, which has information for exactly the target audience.

Christina Rosendahl, who himself is a well-known film director, tells what to do if you are trapped in the corona-isolation with a violent spouses.

the Sisters know how serious and scary a situation it is, to live with violence in the family. They grew up with a father who beat their mother, they have previously told to DR.

In videobidden, shared on Instagram, explains Christina Rosendahl, you can get help in the difficult situation.

“Are you subjected to violence by a partner, or do you know someone who is, then you should know that you can make contact with Danners shelter,” sounds in the beginning of the video, and Christina Rosendahl explains:

“a Great many who are exposed to violence, they have it even harder right now. I know the Forms and what they tell me, is that there’s very many women who either do not dare or have the opportunity to reach out for help.”

the Director says further, that even if you are not in a situation where you can reach out right now, then you should know that help is there.

Also you may find an opportunity to seek help.

the gravity of The situation with the infectious virus that has closed large parts of the country down, has caused increased pressure on the shelters.

Therefore promised Astrid Krag, the social and the interior, also 4. april, bringing 55 new beds for the disadvantaged.

For it is violent, when violence in the home. Christina Rosendahl has earlier told, that she can’t remember a time when her father was not violent, while he lived with them.