the Scientists of the Perm national research Polytechnic University (PNRPU) has created a sensor that will improve the technology of three-dimensional printing of metal products.

Printing on a 3D printer of metal products is from a coil of wire which melts by an electron beam. But it is not always possible to provide exact impact of the beam on the cladding material. Therefore, we developed a sensor that allows to obtain information about combining the electron beam with the wire in the process of creating a layered metal detail – said one of the developers of new technologies, engineer of the Department “Welding production, Metrology and technology of materials”, PERM national research Polytechnic University, candidate of technical Sciences Stepan Marushkin.

Researchers have already developed a laboratory prototype of the sensor. Unlike their foreign counterparts Perm technology allows more accurate and much faster to produce a combination of electron beam cladding with wire. It is less demanding and more flexible to changes in modes and schemes of surfacing.

the Invention can find application in aircraft and missile industries.