Getting enough good sleep is important for health. But what exactly does healthy sleep look like and how can you achieve it? Find out here why one sleep phase at night is particularly important.

There are many rules for a good and healthy sleep, and all of them are correct. What is crucial, however, is that the sleep phases are adhered to during sleep. For this, the body and mind need an appealing environment, but of course also enough time.

The first and longest phase is always light sleep. 

Here the sleeper can still be disturbed by noises and the body begins to regenerate. 

This is followed by deep sleep, in which disruptions are far less likely and regeneration occurs at a maximized level.

The phase in which the sleeper dreams is often called the REM phase. REM stands for “rapid eye movement” and describes the eye movements during sleep. 

Some people wake up right after the REM phase, or fall back into light sleep or deep sleep. It is important that all three phases are completed during one sleep unit.

Healthy sleep is always a question of your inner attitude, but also your environment. 

Especially in childhood, sleep is rather unwelcome and takes up a lot of the important time when we would rather be experiencing something. 

But as you get older, your needs change and your body needs regular, restful sleep even more urgently. Studies show that healthy and regular sleep strengthens the body and extends lifespan. 

The original for this article “If you do these things, you will be in great shape tomorrow” comes from World of Wonders.