In the Restaurant Heimwehfluh in Interlaken, the mountain farmer Armin Capaul (67) blows next Saturday, back to the Horn and calls up to the next signature collection. Together with the Lucerne SVP national councillor Yvette Estermann (52) and St. Gallen Lukas Reimann (36) fellow councillors of Bern native of Canton Jura from Perrefitte launched the popular initiative “Yes to the abolition of the time change”.

After the EU has decided that the time of transition to the year 2021, to abolish, to discuss various possibilities of future “time”. Each state can decide for yourself, a panel should, however, prevent a patchwork of.

The watches of the country would follow suit and the majority opinion customize (VIEW reported). “In the case of a derogation for Switzerland would be a time island – with all the consequences in business, transport, tourism and communications,” warns the competent Institute for meteorology (Metas).

For the initiators, the question of “whether or not we should wait in Switzerland, the EU or the role of a pioneer take over now,” as they write in the media invitation.

Eternal love for eternal winter

Whether “eternal” summer time or normal time: to run Among the member States of the EU, the discussions actually hot. For Capaul and co. is quite clear that “summer time is always” a bad variant. This would also see many scientists.

The people’s initiative is an idea of Capaul and Estermann, who had met a few months ago on a CVP-occasion in Escholzmatt, LU m behind most of Entlebuch. “While Armin Capaul observed the transition from the Normal to the summer time, especially from the point of view of animals and nature with concern, I have the perspective of the people and the science,” says Estermann, dedicated forever to the Preserve of the winter time.

initiators want to sets referendum

If in Europe the normal time, could take on the Federal Council, this self-directed in the Decree. However, it should be majority introduced in the summer time, would in this country, unleashed an emotional debate. Because then the law would need to be changed, including people’s vote.

To the polls, the voting public also should, if the new people’s initiative. Rebel Capaul want to put it back in the stuff – although he wanted to make to the people no to his Hornkuh Initiative last November, once a break.