live held a “Conversation about the profession” with the people’s artist of Russia George Shtil and the young artist of the BDT Rustam Nasyrov. Talked about the isolation, about how theatre has changed, and unexpected encounters.

George Antonovich suggested to a young colleague:

– Call me, like in the theater.

‘ Uncle George?

– Here! It’s my pleasure. Glad to see you. How to live in isolation? Okay. Due to the fact that our theatre has given artists work – do not miss. Read stories, perform live broadcasts, interact with the audience. What are you doing home? Good weather. Sunny, happy, sunbathing by the window. I read, I have a large library, collected for 60 years. There is no time to read when working in the theatre, movies, some travel, meetings all the time.

according to BDT, “all who are familiar with George Antonovich, you know that he is the darling of the team, always young at heart, open to new, energetic and kind. Young theater artists admit that they never stop to learn his profession.”

Especially lucky nasyrovu Rustam, who became the main partner of George Antonovich on stage in the play “the Luxembourg garden”.

Calm and Nasyrov – graduates of the theatre Institute on Mokhovaya. Graduated with exactly a half-century. Rustam Nasyrov serves BDT five years. These days are celebrated 59 years as Georgy Tovstonogov took the troupe of the artist of Calm. BDT became the first and only theater of Calmness.

Tell us about working with Tovstonogov.

Georgy Shtil: He could say one word and all the actor will succeed. Witnessed as Superman, Jurassic.

I first played in the crowd and suddenly got a small role in the Prince’s tale. How to play it? Suffered, nothing happens. And Georgy came up with “George, Prince was nasal”. And I immediately became easy. He is so many interesting things come up, so it was a joy to work with!

We toured around the world and everywhere we were received with enthusiasm. In 1966 he went on tour to England, and there I realized that our theatre is one of the best in the world. Prior to our arrival were told that Brezhnev gathered the best artists from different theaters of the Soviet Union specifically for foreign tour. And when I watched the performances, the Newspapers wrote that every artist that participates in a mass the stage of burning money in “the idiot” (when Tatiana Doronin threw in the fireplace a wad of money, which she gave Rogozhin), can brighten any English theatre. Then for the first time in the history of Soviet power in our Embassy in England came members of the Royal family. And for the first time the Queen has invited the Russians to a Polo.

have you Changed the theatre?

Georgy Shtil: of Course, the theater was the others. And is also interesting. I think today we have “theatre of tragedy, romantic drama and high Comedy”. BDT now have severalto scenes, and that joy all the time a full house is a delight for artists.

why do you love theatre?

Georgy Shtil: In a theatrical family. For viewers who bring joy, pleasure. I believe that we have at the BDT now there are three “planets”: Alisa Freundlich, Oleg Basilashvili, Gennady Bogachev. Is the master of this order.

Georgy Shtil: One of his best roles I think Coming into the Studio in the play of Tovstonogov, “My older sister” on the play Volodin, where he played Doronin. I read an excerpt from the monologue Chatsky – less than five minutes on stage!

One of my favorite movies – the sound in “Zhenya, Zhenechka and “Katyusha”. When the movie was shot, I didn’t like what was made for me. And we with Oleg dal went to the market. There choice and their money bought things, I bought a polka dot dress, vintage hat. I don’t like to play women, and female stuff alien to me, but I got what he wanted.

And Fedor for their series “deadly force”?

Georgy Shtil: the Character is very recognizable. We are people simple, worked my whole life, nothing has acquired, retired brew drive. The real “scoop”. I appeared in every series for two episodes. Big money got! Partner good – Andrey Fedortsov (Bob Smith), I played his father-in-law. Wherever I went – people always smile when meeting, ask about Andryushka: “where is your son (in-law)? How?”

Georgy Shtil can listen for hours, he has something to tell. Life is rich in events, meetings.

One day he met on the train with Marc Chagall. “Oh, Dobchinsky!” – learned artist, the artist, watched on the eve of the Tovstonogov BDT performance “the Auditor”.

And even in the life of Georgy Shtil was such a meeting: he was holding the feet of Marshal Zhukov. This is when the famous guest stood on a stool to sign on the ceiling (their autographs it left many of the guests – personalities). It happened in the dressing room Jurassic Basilashvili. “We are on Zhukov as God watched, and he was embarrassed – this famous actors are near!” – says Georgy Shtil.

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