This was not in Belarus since 2010. In several cities of Belarus held a protest against the detention of activists and politicians. The police acted proven ways: in Minsk detained at least 80 people, about 10 people in Gomel, Vitebsk, Bobruisk and other cities. After the arrest of presidential candidate Victor Babariko opponents Lukashenko began to withdraw from the elections. Registration of the presidential candidates yet, that is, in fact, the election is not moved even to the second stage. But “fun” has already begun.

the Arrest of chief opponent to Lukashenko in the presidential elections was the signal for the other candidates to go the distance. Yesterday the head of the movement “For freedom” Yury Hubarevich has announced that it will not participate in the elections “because of what is happening”. According to him, since the beginning of the presidential campaign, the authorities have acted rudely, and repression of candidates grew. However, he explained that it was not originally planned to gather 100 thousand signatures for his candidacy, but only used the legal possibility to carry out pickets in Minsk.

Musician Alexander Tabolic also admitted that he failed to collect the necessary 100 thousand signatures of voters. He said “fair enough signatures gathered only a few candidates”, the rest helps to have to the authorities of spoilers.

With the election appeared so Jae, the head of the liberal democratic party Oleg Gaidukevich and the Deputy head of the Association of carriers “Region 8” Natalia Kissel. Moreover, according to cast their votes for Lukashenko, and Kissel admitted that he had originally planned to do this in favor of representatives.

At the headquarters of Babariko announced that it has submitted documents to the CEC for registration as presidential candidate. “Despite the fact that Victor Babariko still not free, our staff will conduct the registration process to the end. So today, 20 June, the representative of the headquarters of the lawyer Maxim Sign filed documents for registration Victor Babariko candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus to the CEC,” – said in the headquarters.

And all this against the backdrop of the protests. According to the human rights center “Viasna”, the detention took place in dozens of cities, in Minsk, including the detained journalists of “Radio Liberty” and Reuters. According to the press Secretary of the Belarus Ministry of internal Affairs Olga Chemodanova, they checked the documents and released. The reasons why she did not call. “Names do not know, but Monday will be on duty in court and see who and what article will judge. If a mass event, it will immediately draw attention. How many of us (in Mogilev) seized is not known — this will become clear on Monday. People post videos that just walk, the weather is nice and grab them. Some were released immediately, other took in the sites”, – told “MK” the human rights center “Viasna” activist Barys Bukhel. According to him, the situation is very unpredictable. “No tank, no intelligence in the world couldn’t calculate to the end, than it can end. All will depend on how much patience left with people. Citizens who took to the streets — is not opposition, but just people who had enough. The fact that they come suggests that the degree of heating up. Never happened, and personally, we did not expect that people will react so dramatically. Yeah, thought that would activity slightly higher, but not that much.”

About the situation, “MK” told the leader of the “Tell the truth” Tatsiana Karatkevich:

– People took to the street in solidarity. They want to change the government by legal means, they want change. We mobilize civic activity, but only within the framework of the law, because we don’t want anyone hurt. Today people do not understand why candidates are being punished for their political ambitions. We passed through it in 2010 and 2015 and we understand that today everything will depend on the citizens themselves. Politicians will act, but if citizens are to ignore the situation, nothing will change.