In Rana municipality has kommuneoverlege Frode Berg and the korona-phone the last time experienced increased demand from the despairing cabin owners.

Many residents in the municipality have the cabin over the Swedish border takes in the mountain village of Hemavan. But they travel there, makes covid-19-regulation that they are automatically imposed on 14-day quarantine after his return.

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Major snowfalls the last period of time leads now to the several cabin owners fear that the cabin will collapse.

In the course of the last couple of days have more been in contact with me on the phone and e-mail. They wonder how they shall relate to the covid-19-regulation when they have a cottage in Sweden as they are concerned, ” says kommuneoverlege Frode Berg.

In addition to several e-mails, there are also many who call the municipality’s korona-phone with the same type of questions, tells kommuneoverlegen.

Berg says that he can understand people’s frustration, but that there unfortunately is little he can do.

I must reply to them that this regulation is the state, and that the municipality therefore cannot provide any exemption.

Kommunelege in Rana Frode Berg (t.v) have tried to get answers from the various ministries in this matter.

Photo: Frank Nygård / NRK Fear that the large values may be lost

One of them who owns the cottage in Hemavan is ranværingen Richard Erlandsen. Now fear him for what can happen unattended in the cabin over time.

It is clear you are concerned about. You want to have control on what happens both inside the cabin and outside. I have full understanding that there are karanteneregler and that one should not pass the borders. But it is disturbing that there is no possibility for exemption for this, ” says Erlandsen.

Richard Erlandsen is concerned for the condition of the cabin say in Sweden.

Photo: Private

Erlandsen has contacted a company that offers snømåking in Hemavan, but because of the large demand, they could not help him.

Furthermore, he tells us that he has received tips about a variety of private actors who can pave the hyttetaket, but Erlandsen believes that this is scary if someone were to hurt themselves while working for him.

he is also not an option to travel to the cabin to måkke even.

I do not have the opportunity to put myself in quarantine. I have a job where it is important that I am not in the quarantine, and parents in the 90 years that I have to stop by sometimes.

– We will not be unreasonable

But then what happens if the cabin should collapse?

head of communication at Tryg insurance, Ole Irgens says that hytteeierne should do what they can to avoid damage to the fritidsboligen.

basically, you have a duty to do what you can to avoid that it gets damaged, and when in this case of the snow.

head of communication at Tryg insurance, Ole Irgens ask the cabin owners do what they can to salvage the cabins.

Photo: Tryg Forsikring

Irgens and Tryg insurance suggest that the despairing cabin owners to make contact with services that offer to shovel it for them. Or that the cabin owners themselves are traveling to the cottage to shovel away the snow.

But it could be that there are no such services right there. And traveling one may sit in quarantine for 14 days. Then we are not unreasonable, when we say that you’ve done everything you could.

If you have tried several solutions, and it still does not go, then should it not be your fault if something happens with the cabin, ” says Irgens.

But the insurance company does note one thing: Many of the cabins in Sweden has insured the property through the Swedish insurance companies, and the rules may be different there.

Irgens stresses that the best thing to do often is to call the insurance company to ask if in doubt.

Believes that the trip to the cabin does not pose any risks of infection

Rana has kommuneoverlegen also done what he can to help the situation.

on Thursday of last week took the Roller in contact with the ministry of Health to ask for advice. He was asked to contact the ministry of foreign affairs, then the ministry of justice before he once again ended up at the ministry of Health. Berg says he is still waiting for a response.

I think that to allow people to travel across the border to seek out the cottage to shovel the roof, so as to return, does not pose any great risks of infection for the Rana community, ” says Berg.