In the case of Raiffeisen Patrik Gisel (56) is long gone. And actually, the Ex wants to head with his former place of residence Bach ZH alder finish. There he is already for a long time. But the luxury Penthouse is available since the end of November 2018 is still for sale. Although the gold coast-the place is in demand.

The advertisement to stand a long time on the Portal Homegate. Meanwhile, it has been removed. However, on the website of the real estate agent Walde & Partner, conveyed the property, advertised the luxury object, is still.

After nearly eleven months, or about 300 days, was found still no buyer. Walde & Partner is covered. “We don’t give out information to current clients and customers,” says Chairman of the Board Gerhard E. Walde to VIEW.

average marketing period is 2 months

the Penthouse is still for sale, surprised. Since real estate on the gold coast, specifically in Erlenbach, very sought after. It is a popular Nest of bankers and top managers.

prominent bankers, such as the Ex-CS-bosses Lukas mühlemann (69), and Brady Dougan (60) or Ernst Tanner (73), CEO of Lindt & Sprüngli, live there. Property prices for upscale condos on the right Bank have risen in the last twelve months by 4.4 percent.

In the Erlenbach, the increase amounted to approximately 5 percent. The average marketing period of real estate, the cost of over 2 million Swiss francs, is in the lakeside towns of Zurich’s gold coast, according to the real estate experts Wüest Partner 64 days.

This is significantly less than comparable apartments or homes in other regions of Switzerland. The average term to maturity is, according to evaluations from the real estate intermediary Immoscout24 about 96 days.

Further evidence that the property of apartments in Erlenbach are persistently asked to be found in the latest vacancy figures by 1. June 2019: Currently, only three condominiums in Erlenbach empty. For comparison: five years Ago, the vacancy number in the 24 units. “Luxury homes starting at 2 million francs, and it can be actually sold very well. Unless the price is right,” says the Küsnachter real estate broker Claude Ginesta.

Gisel asking too much for the Penthouse?

Gisel to wrote have bought the attic apartment with a view of the lake a few years ago for about 5 million Swiss francs, as the financial blog “Inside Paradeplatz”. The sale price will be disclosed to interested parties only on request. A bargain will not be to the Penthouse but.

“lovers of the objects from 5 million and above have a logic of their own,” says Patrick Schnorf, a Partner of Wüest Partner. The marketing time could be in the case of such objects is significantly longer because of the potential Buyers was much smaller. Gisel is not the only Banker who has trouble of his luxury property to get rid of.

the luxury estate of Ex-Vontobel Banker Hans-Peter Bachmann in the Erlenbach was advertised several months before it found a buyer. According to “Inside Paradeplatz” had to be screwed on the sale price from 17 to 13 million Swiss francs, down, insiders told the financial blog.