Pelosi defiantly tore it trump

Donald trump on Wednesday appealed to Congress with the annual message “About country position”. On the background of acute confrontation between the Republicans and Democrats, even this traditional speech of the American President has not done without scandals.

Even in the annual message of the President of the United States felt like it exacerbated the conflict between Donald trump and his opponents Democrats. Some of them ostentatiously boycotted his speech. Trump, in response, refused to shake hands with the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi — his longtime political enemy of the democratic party. The incident occurred just after the White house gave her the text of his speech.

the US President assured that he intends to stop the war in the middle East. It said: States have invested in their armed forces record more than two trillion dollars. Including – have created the Space forces.

And again from the mouth of trump sounded provocative statement in Iran. Supposedly, the US will continue to stick to their line about killing the Iranian commander Soleimani not regret, and will tighten the sanctions, if Tehran does not ultimately become compliant.

“the Iranian regime needs to abandon attempts to obtain nuclear weapons, to stop the spread of terror, death and destruction, and begin to work for the good of their own people. Because of our stringent sanctions, the Iranian economy has been seriously weakened. We can help them to improve it in a short period of time, but perhaps they are too proud and stupid to ask. Let’s see what road they choose”.

Despite claims about aspirations to the world, the Tram has publicly promised to overthrow the legitimate President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. And in his speech invited the puppet of Washington in Caracas of opposition, Guido. And welcomed him personally.

Said the head of the White house about relations with China. Promised to protect Americans from the coronavirus. And boasted that his strategy worked — and TorgoWai deal of his personal merit. That is, trump said that he managed to resist a massive withdrawal by China of American jobs.

“a Few days ago we signed a fundamentally new agreement with China that will protect our workers, protect our intellectual property, to bring billions of dollars in our Treasury and to open huge new markets for the products produced and grown right here in the United States.”

the U.S. Senate on Wednesday will hold a final vote on impeachment trump. And decide whether he exceeded the authority in a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky. According to forecasts, the impeachment will not happen because the Senate majority, the Republicans, and they will not allow you to remove their leader from power. Especially that tramp surely up for re-election. He plans a Grand. Including to build a wall on the border with Mexico to deal with illegal migrants and terrorists, as well as set the US flag on Mars.

Of those who had been present, this promise is not happy, it seems, only Nancy Pelosi. After the speech, trump she defiantly tore up the text of his speech. Apparently offended by the fact that he did not respond to the previously proposed handshake.