Pelosi criticized trumps plan to lift restrictions in the country

WASHINGTON, April 17 – RIA Novosti. Speaker of the house of representatives Democrat Nancy Pelosi criticized the President’s plan Donald trump on the removal of restrictions in the country, imposed because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

“the Continued insistence of the President to move forward without testing, contact tracing, compiling demographic information and of respect for science and facts may lead to further deaths and economic catastrophe”, – said the speaker.

She recalled that on 4 March, the House of representatives passed the first bipartisan bill to combat the coronavirus, focusing on the testing for coronavirus. According to her, six weeks later, the country is still no “adequate testing”.

“unfortunately, the President continues his attack on truth and says that we have more tests than in any other country where only one percent of Americans has been checked,” – said in a statement.

trump’s Plan, released Thursday, presents recommendations to the authorities of States and municipalities, so initially it is optional. The President at the press conference stressed that the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus will be cancelled in each state by the authorities, based on the current situation. No date of recommendation do not set.

According to the recommendations of the administration, to proceed to the removal of restrictions in three stages, States and municipalities will be able after the 14 days will be recorded a decline in the number of confirmed cases of disease or positive tests, and if during this period reduced the number of people with flu-like symptoms or COVID-19. While hospitals in the region have by this time to work in normal mode. Also needs to be pursued “powerful testing program for employees of the health system, including testing for antibodies”.

In the United States, according to trump on Wednesday was held about 3.3 million tests – more than in any other country. The population is about 330 million people, which is the third indicator in the world after China and India.

the United States remains a world leader in the number of cases COVID-19 and the number of deaths of people who had discovered the coronavirus. The Johns Hopkins University, which conducts its own calculations based on Federal and local statistics and other data, said Thursday afternoon that the number of confirmed cases amounted to almost 654 thousand people, died about 31 thousand people.

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