If you are someone who handles a lot of data, Microsoft Excel is no longer taboo to you. It is a popular type of file format that allows you to present data comprehensively. For this reason, business people and entrepreneurs are fond of using it to process their financial statements, such as balance sheets. It is unique compared to Word documents because it can compute mathematical equations and present data visually. However, Excel is not the ideal file format when presenting and sharing the document. You’ll end up having a chaotic report because spreadsheets with so much information will take a long time to load.

Don’t fret because technology nowadays has solutions to almost all of your problems. You can use PDFBear to convert Excel documents into PDF. In this way, you can be free from any inconveniences.

Get to know PDFBear’s converter tool

Whenever you find yourself caught up when you have to convert XLS to PDF, don’t hesitate to use PDFBear. It is a versatile online tool for all your conversion needs. All of its services are free-of-charge ideal for people who are short on budget or are simply thrifty. You are probably wondering how you can access it. Well, you only have to equip yourself with a working gadget and connect it to a stable internet. Once you have these requirements, use your device’s browser to reach its website. Below are the steps you must take to convert documents into your desired format.

  1. Give the website access to your Excel document by uploading it using the “Select Files’’ option. If you want to save yourself from browsing through a long list of documents, drag and drop it on the toolbox instead.
  2. After you successfully uploaded the document, the converter tool will automatically scan it. The website promises the process will only take two minutes of your time. So expect that the converted document will immediately appear on your screen.
  3. Download the PDF document. If you forget to save it on your device, you have to do the process again. For safety purposes, the server erases all uploaded files after an hour.

User-friendly converter tool

There are many converter tools you can find online, but you won’t have the same pleasant experience with all of them. That is why you have to be cautious when choosing the best platform for your needs. But you don’t have to look so far away because the best is PDFBear. It will only take you a few clicks to utilize its exceptional tool.

Even if you are a first-time user of the website, you won’t encounter difficulties in maneuvering it. The interface is simple and straightforward without unnecessary designs and functions. It will allow you to easily see where the tools are and how to make them work. You will save an ample amount of time when you opt to use the website instead of complex software.

Fast conversion process

You are now aware of the simple steps to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF. You now realize that PDFBear has a fast conversion process. There’s no longer have to spend half of your day just to perform basic PDF conversion. The website runs smoothly, which makes it finish the process in just two minutes. Using it will not add up to your PDF-related burden. It can lessen the weight you are carrying caused by managing electronic documents.

Produce high quality converted documents

There are converter tools online that can disappoint you because they perform poorly. They usually provide low-quality converted documents with formatting issues. Rest assured that you will not experience the same difficulty when you use PDFBear. It has a converter tool that performs its function with accuracy and speed. Even though it has a quick process, it will not compromise the quality of your documents. The website aims to produce PDFs that are of high standards. The converted document will have the same quality as the original file format.

Convert Excel to PDF on all platforms

Not all of PDFBear’s users have the same privileges to own multiple devices. Some of them have only their mobile phones to access different websites. That is why PDFBear addressed these differences in the device used by its users. It made its services accessible to any operating systems and platforms. It means that anyone who wants to convert Excel to PDF can do so by using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

What makes the Portable document format unique?

PDF has distinct characteristics that allow it to outperform other file formats. It is the most used type of document during online learning and work-from-home setup. What are the unique attributes that made it an essential format to have nowadays? Take a look at the list below.

Fixed layout of texts, graphs, and images

PDFs have become the holy grail for people constantly sharing and presenting documents online. It is the best file format for maintaining the formatting of the original document. When you share a file in PDF, the receiver will not face any issues with the layout of the document. It can preserve all the font styles, spacing, and positioning of charts in the original file format. It becomes the standard electronic document because of its ability to have a fixed layout of texts and images.

Provide encryption and decryption options

You now live in a society where people can easily steal your confidential and sensitive information. To avoid becoming one of their victims, convert your documents into PDF. Once you do this, you can then encrypt the file. The encryption option allows you to set up a strong password. Only people who know the code can successfully open the document. In case you get tired of typing the password every time you access the document, you can decrypt it anytime you want.

In a Nutshell

Technological advancements made it possible to have a life free from unnecessary stress and difficulties. If your PDF-related tasks hinder you from becoming productive, then give PDFBear a shot. It is the instant solution for your conversion needs.