Pavlensky faces a new life in France

In France to run for mayor of Paris, Minister of health Agnes Busan. His candidacy raises it from the ruling party “go Republic!”. Previous candidate Benjamin Hryvnia has gone from the race after the Internet appeared the incriminating video. Roller with intimate details from the life of the policy published by the infamous artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky.

the Former candidate for mayors of Paris Benjamin Grivot, who was forced to retire from publishing a private video now secured. Two police officers escorted him around the clock because of threats of physical violence.

the One who started all of this and uploaded the videos to the network, calling himself the artist Peter Pavlensky, was detained. At first, on a completely different case about a stabbing in the New year. Those six weeks he was wanted for something cut with a kitchen knife two companions. But now Pavlensky became involved in another case of invasion of privacy.

On his website was published obscene videos Hryvnia in 2018 sent one young lady Alexandra de Tadeo. The girl, as it turned out, for a year Dating Pavlensky, who now positions himself as a fighter for the purity of morals in French politics.

About a girl little is known. 29 years old, from Metz. He was a member of the Paris Council for youth, which allows young Parisians to participate in the definition and implementation of municipal policies. My senior thesis about the Russian policy in the Arctic. Now studying in two graduate programs — the Institute of political studies in Toulouse with a degree in “Management and international communication” and in the best law University in France, Pantheon-Assas.

But by contacting Pavlensky, has moved on to other topics, with him, recorded the interview with pornoactresses. Then on the same website appeared and rollers, compromising Hryvnia. For this, France faces up to two years in prison and 60 thousandYach Euro fine. And not only her, but also to Pavlensky, who was already sentenced to three years in prison, two of which are suspended, for the arson of the Bank of France.

Those who called his antics in the Russian art in France art is not appreciated. Now carefully studying the laws, wondering whether it is possible this element to deny political refugee status, which he received in 2017.

However, the status of Rob in that case, if the person commits a particularly serious offence or the totality of the charges will get 10 years in prison. While Pavlensky was detained for two days. This means that today the day he will either be released, or he will face new charges and going to trial.