So close to the British Royal family came only a few people: Paul Wilman (51) was the musical Director of the bodyguard of the Royals and for the various ceremonies in the Buckingham Palace responsible. Today he lives because of love in Basel, and prefer to play at the carnival.

for the First time in Switzerland, the Englishman 2007 came. His military music group, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, he was a guest at the Basel Tattoo. “I immediately had a good rapport with the people there, and so it was that I visited just a few months later, the carnival. Since then, it has not let me go.”

in the Meantime, he is as an instructor and performance Coach part of the Rotstab Clique Liestal and the Junteressli-Clique Basel. “All are on the same level, at the carnival, there is no class reigns think. I like that.”

leader of the band, Queen

As the leader of the band of the Royal mounted bodyguard and later the whole of the guards cavalry, he was in 2012, for the appearance of the Household Cavalry at the celebrations of the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (93) responsible. A year later, the appearance was on the birthday of the Queen, where he led the procession in front of the Carriage of the Queen.

“I’ve seen the Royal family is always very approachable. If we played at a reception, welcomed the members of the us, always personal,” reveals the choice of-Swiss. Especially with the Prince William (36) and Harry (34), there were several encounters. Both princes were part of the “Blues and Royals”, so a guard, which is part of the Household Cavalry. “That’s why I added the two from the military rank, even, in a certain way. But of course, they were as members of the Royal family at the same time my bosses.”

New love in Switzerland

three years Ago, decided to Wilman for a life in Switzerland. “I had traveled every year to Basel, my career in the army was at the top, my children were grown up, and I was open to something New.” Then he met Nicole Achermann (41). Since five years he is together with the teacher. “There’s a new life no longer offered Chapter, wanted to commute me.”

Even today, he is still musically active: He conducted, among other things, the Swabians Tattoo and support the project management of the Basel Tattoo, for example, in the Scottish part of the Show. He says: “In Switzerland, I have found a new home. And with the Basel Tattoo, I have my home always with me a little.”