Party “Patriots of Russia” published an open letter in support of the amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

“the Last time a referendum on the adoption of the Basic law of the Russian Federation was held on 12 December 1993. During this time the country has changed Russian society and state institutions. It became obvious that a separate article and regulations adopted 27 years ago, the Russian Constitution does not meet modern requirements and challenges from citizens there was demand for their adjustment and refinement”, – said in the appeal of the party, received in the office of the newspaper VIEW.

It is also noted that a number of positions on which insisted the members of the party are reflected in the proposed referendum amendments to the Constitution.

“So, in the program of the party in the elections of deputies of the State Duma of the seventh convocation in 2016 … we have suggested as a fundamental Russian ideology the ideology of modern patriotism, can unite different ideological views, trends and theories. One of her main theses, Patriotic and responsible government that expresses and implements its national interests, working exclusively for the people. But it was impossible, if officials have the citizenship or a residence permit of another state, other permanent relations with foreign countries, foreign Bank accounts. They, as well as judges, prosecutors must consciously make the decision in favor of their state, their country. Now this requirement will be written into the Constitution,” said the party.

They also mentioned that “offered a decisive change of personnel structure of bodies of state power and control to those who are Pro-patriot, who is able to work solely in the interests of the country and its people.” Now “this work has started and will continue.”

“the Development of Russia, its movement forward is impossible without preserving the country’s sovereignty, integrity, security. “Patriots of Russia” in its policy documents devoted to these issues. Strengthening of defense capability and national security of the Russian Federation – the most important component of stable development of our country. The military power of Russia – a guarantee of preservation of the territorial integrity and independence of the Russian Federation, protection of its political and economic interests. … Today, these amendments to the Basic Law, which guarantees their strict implementation,” the statement says.

In addition, the “Patriots of Russia” noted that in the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus taken practical steps to strengthen health systems, to increase the prestige of medical professions. About affordable and quality medicine for all Gras��given country, regardless of where they live, will now be written in the basic Law, pointed out in the party.

“the Central political Council of political party “Patriots of Russia” supports the insertion in the Constitution of the Russian Federation of the amendment, and urged party members, supporters, activists, all citizens of Russia to come to the polls and vote for changes”, – concluded in the party.

Earlier the all-Russian political party “Motherland”, “pensioners ‘ Party” and “Green” also published an open letter in support of the amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

On 1 June President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding of voting on amendments to the Constitution 1 July. This day will be the weekends. To vote all week from 25 June to 1 July.