“I felt bad. The main symptoms – weakness, cough, fever, recalls in conversation with the correspondent “the Russian newspaper”Adian of ARCT. The first time I was not thinking that this is “crown”. But just in case, went to the hospital, because I didn’t want to get anyone else sick. I was told that there is nothing wrong and after a few days it will pass.”

Adyan brought down the temperature and seems to feel OK, but then the temperature rose again, became worse. After repeated requests to the hospital the guy was hospitalized with pneumonia. The CT scan showed 15-20 percent of lung lesions”.

at First the doctors could not determine for sure whether the pneumonia caused by the coronavirus or not. The regional test is not confirmed COVID-19, but the test results at the Federal level was positive. So Adan became the first patient in Kalmykia officially confirmed coronavirus diagnosis.

“Yes, it is believed that I was the patient zero. Although actually came with me and the other infected people, – says Adian. The first days were very difficult, even scary. I read a lot about the “crown”. Every day rewind events back and thought, where could she catch and why am I?”.

As of Adiana worse, the coughing increased, it became difficult to breathe, and the temperature is 39 degrees does not fall. Then about the treatment of a new disease, very little was known, and the local doctors had to consult with colleagues from Moscow. With the help of pills, injections and IVS to the patient’s condition managed to stabilize the patient went to the amendment.

after two weeks of Adana was discharged two weeks he spent in isolation. According to doctors, lungs completely recovered, but Agian decided for two months to give up the sport, although the disease was actively engaged in Boxing, kickboxing and never complained about the immune system.

by the Way, he does not exclude the fact that a fit and strong immune system saved his life. And, of course, the work of physicians, managed in the end to defeat an unknown illness. Patient zero thanked them with all my heart.

After recovery to Adiana began to seek advice from the relatives of other patients. Called even from Moscow. People asked how to cope with the “crown”. Consult Adian, of course, no one was taken, because it is not a doctor. He only talked about his experience, tried to support and reassure people who turn to him.

And to the countrymen, which did not touch the trouble and are too lightly treated COVID-19, Adian tried to convey the main thing that he understood about this disease: how dangerous the virus is and that it exists! “Frankly, I myself at first believed that the coronavirus is some kind of fake, – said the source “RG”. – How serious was the deLes, I understand, only when sick”.

Indeed, many still do not believe in the coronavirus. And some believe if they are young and healthy, they sure are in no danger. “The way I explain on my experience, that’s not true, says patient zero. – I am 33 years old, I am an athlete and with my health everything was fine, but I got sick. There are other people younger and fitter than me that are hard to tolerate this disease. And the most dangerous that carriers of the infection can be bessimptomnogo who are not even aware that they are sick”.

When Adanu heard that the inhabitants of Kalmykia, had been ill by the coronavirus, has been invited to donate blood plasma with antibodies, and thus help in the treatment of other patients, he did not hesitate.

“I know, says Adian that the older generation is heavier than the other carry the coronavirus, especially in the presence of chronic diseases. For them COVID-19 deadly. And if there is the slightest possibility to save our grandparents, it is impossible to refuse. And young people my plasma will help to quickly cope with the “crown”. I have experienced as have a hard time with this infection, and can now deliver real benefits to other patients.”

In General, Adian did not think to do it or not. Just went and did it, that’s all. My first thought was: “Perhaps someone will save lives. How can there be a doubt and what are the options?” First, he took the analysis on antibodies and confirmed their presence. Then he passed the plasma.

“by the Way, experts warn that in approximately August of antibodies I have, most likely, will not be, and is likely to get infected again”, – said Adian.

And in social networks patient zero has urged other patients who recover from coronavirus, to follow his example and help his countrymen.

“I Appeal to all, please, let’s surrender a plasma, it will save someone’s life, writes patient zero. – I know many who have had it, many did not get through, but I also know that many people see me and read. Tell your relatives, friends, friends (those who are ill) let them hand over blood.”

But so far, out of nearly one thousand inhabitants of Kalmykia, suffered COVID-19, blood plasma passed units. At the time of the publication of the desire to become plasma donors expressed only six people who have had the disease. One of them is Adian.

the national blood service in Kalmykia this year celebrated its 85th anniversary. The staff of the regional blood center examined about ten thousand donors and harvests annually more than four tonnes of whole blood. Recently, as a donor, visited the head of Kalmykia Batu Hasikov who donated blood in the nationwide campaign #Astvasadoorian.

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